Intro to Well Coached - using your site 101

The video above covers the basics of using and editing your site. The text below covers everything in the video plus a few more tips

Logging In

Initial Website Creation

  • Go to the site creation page here
  • Fill in all the info you have. Most of it is not required so just fill in what you have! You'll be able to update everything later, so don't let some missing info hold you back. Go ahead and submit the form now.

Your Website's Dashboard

After creating your site you'll be presented with your website links. You can bookmark or write them down. You'll always be able to access your site by going to our homepage at and clicking the member login link in the upper right corner.

Initial Setup

Once your site is created, it's ready to share, but there are a few things you may want to customize.

Use the "Shortcuts" box on the site dashboard to easily access these items.

  1. View Your Homepage 
  2. Edit your homepage template. For Silver + sites there are multiple homepage layouts to choose from. Each one has a different look and feel. You'll be able to fully customize the photos and text after swapping the template
  3. Edit your Site Style ( the site style changes buttons styles, and how colors are applied to your site)
  4. Colors & Fonts --- You can customize the colors and fonts. Under Fonts if you change the Heading font, we recommend changing H1 and H2 to the same font
    1. View Font styles and creating pairings at
    2. Have fun creating color schemes at
  5. Edit your homepage -- The intro video has some pointers, or checkout the content editing tutorials next
  6. Edit your Menu -- the "menu" is the links at the very top of your site. You can get more help editing your menu here
  7. Setup a Custom Domain -- if you'd like to use your own custom domain (rather than ) follow these instructions or ask for help

Using the Page Editor

Here are some super basics to get you started. Start by going under pages/ posts and click on one to load the editor.

Pricing / Packages

By default the pricing sections have call to actions that link to your contact page. This is a super easy way to get started. Just enter in some basic information and then work out the details of how to pay and schedule over email with your clients.

However, if you'd like to setup packages and book appointments you can do that as well. 

Creating Custom Blog Posts & Pages

SEO Getting Your Website + Business listed on Google

Your site already has basic SEO taken care of, and it should show in Google listings within a few days/ weeks. However, there are a few things you can do to help!

  1. Use a real address. If possible, use a real address in the area that you serve. If you you primarily work online, having a physical address will help you show in search listings
    1. Update your address under your site dashboard Settings-> General
  2. Setup your business on Google ( If you're going to use a custom domain, get that setup first)
  3. Add your address, business name and website url to your facebook page if you have one.
  4. Setup your business on Bing:
  5. Setup your business on Yelp:

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