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Your site has a re-usable pricing block that is built into many of the homepage layouts as well as into the pricing/services page.By default since it's saved as a re-usable block, if you update it in one place, it will update in all places the re-usable block is used.

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Using the Pricing Tables + Integration Options

The pricing table and other pricing blocks on your site are meant to look nice, and can easily be used with many methods for booking clients. By default the call to action buttons just link to the contact page of your site. However, the buttons can instead be linked to a third party scheduling service like Calendly, an intake form (hosted on your site or something like Google Forms), or with our Gold or higher memberships you can book and sell memberships right on your site using WooCommerce + Bookings addon. Learn how to Setup Bookings on your site

Everyone's business is different, and we're happy to make recommendations on what we've seen work for other members. Contact us for a consult

Turning on the Pricing Page

  1. From your site dashboard click on "Pages"
  2. Find the Pricing or Services page and click to edit it
  3. Make edits to the text and the pricing table (using the instructions below)
  4. Click "publish" or "update" in the upper right
  5. A link should automatically be added to your menu, if not learn about editing your menu here

Editing the Pricing Table and Pricing List Blocks

Changing Layout Options

The Pricing Table is a set of nested blocks which enables us have better layout options. You can choose between Tiles or a List

To change the layout  you must select the outer wrapper.
Click just to the left of one of the image section which will select a single pricing block. Hover over icon in the upper left hand corner of the control bar, then select the parent block. The option to change the layout style will show in the right column controls

Removing A Pricing Section

Click just to the left of one of the photos for the section you want to remove. This will select the individual price item block. Choose the 3 dot menu then delete.

Add another Pricing Section

To add another whole pricing table, or insert one where there wasn't one before I recommend checking out the Gutenberg editing tutorial for how to add new blocks and edit pages

To add another pricing element inside an existing table click anywhere on the existing pricing elements, then click the + button centered after the last item in the pricing table.

Move / Re-Order Pricing Sections

Select the Pricing element you want to move by clicking just to the left of the photo. This will select that section. Then click the arrows to re-order

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