Updating Bookings Availability

If you're just getting setup with bookings, make sure to start here

There are a lot of potential options, and they might not work as you expect. Some programmer came up with these settings, not a normal person haha. Just follow the guidelines below.

When are you normally available

  • If every week is fairly uniform for you, setup each days availability separately. Choose Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Etc. Set your available time range for each day.  Monday 8am-12pm, Monday from 2pm - 5pm, Tuesday 8am-12pm, Tuesday 2pm-5pm etc.
  • To schedule a block of days with uniform  recurring times choose "Date Range with re-occurring time". eg. Nov1 - Nov 5th 9am - 12:00pm
  • To schedule a single day or block of time Choose "Date Range with Time"
  • Set these times as "Bookable". Set the priority for general availability to priority 15

When are you not available

  • Above we set your availability, and now we can exclude times or dates from that
  • You can technically exclude recurring times, but I believe it's much simpler to input your availability and only exclude vacations and appointments.
  • Exclude a range of days (for vacation etc). "Choose Date Range"
  • Exclude a block of time on a single day Choose "Date Range with Time"
  • Set these exclusions as Not Bookable and as Priority 14 (or a lower number than your available times)

Previewing your availability

  • You must have already created a bookable product
  • Go under Bookings -> Add Bookings
  • Select Guest checkout and one of your bookable products and click "next"
  • On the next page you'll be able to see your calendar with availability

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