Contact Manger | CRM | Email & SMS Marketing - Intro 101

The Contact manager is built into Silver (and higher) level sites. It has many powerful features that allow to easily capture leads that are visiting your site, automatically reply with information, send drip campaigns and bulk messages by email and sms.

Features Discussed on this page:

  1. Built In Lead Capture and Signup Forms
  2. Viewing & Editing Contacts
  3. Importing Contacts
  4. SMS (Text Messaging) Sending
  5. Sending Messages ( Email / SMS / Advanced / Autoseries )
  6. Message Templates
  7. Autoseries (Drip Campaigns)
  8. Reports

Built In Lead Capture and Signup Forms

All membership levels have contact forms, but on Silver + sites there is also a timed popup "lead capture" form. You can see this popup on your site by opening up a private browsing window (click your browsers menu in the upper right, and choose incognito). Then visit your site and you'll see the popup after ~30 seconds or when exiting.

The Lead Capture Popup:

  • Adds contacts to your contact list
  • Starts people on a simple Autoseries (drip campaign) with followup information. You can customize the autoseries.
  • Gives them access to a free mini-course (on health coach sites this is called Healthier U. You can customize this mini course under Pages -> Healthier U

All other contact forms automatically add people into your contact list as well. You can add your own contact forms to custom pages to create your own custom lead capture pages. Learn more about creating custom pages & blog posts

Viewing & Editing Contacts

To view your contacts, login to your site dashboard and in the left hand admin menu hover on CRM then choose "Contacts". Simply click on a contact to send them a message, view details etc. Click "edit" to see a full view of the contacts info and add notes.

Adding + Importing Contacts

To manually add a single contact: simply go to your site dashboard click on CRM then "add contact"

Importing Contacts: You may import contacts via CSV into your sites contact manager. Your contacts must have agreed or asked to receive messages from you. Do not purchase, rent, scrape or "borrow" contact lists. For example, do not input all the contacts from your Kid's parent directory. High rates of spam complaints may result in you losing access to this feature.

  1. From your Site Dashboard hover over CRM and click Contacts. Then choose "import contacts" from the buttons at the top of the page
  2. Select your import file which must be in CSV format and must contain a First Name and Email OR Phone for every contact.
  3. Importing can take a few minutes

Enabling SMS ( Text Message Sending ) 

SMS / MMS is available for Gold Memberships + Higher

  • Get a phone number and enable this feature by going under CRM -> Settings to the SMS section. Click to enable and receive your phone number. This phone number is unique to you.
  • Once enabled SMS options will show under Autoseries and Single Message sending
  • SMS contacts are not required to Opt-in, but they can unsubscribe
  • We will automatically send opt-out messages to comply with telecom marketing requirements
  • Replies to your SMS will be shown under CRM -> Conversation view - you will be sent email / sms notifications. Update these settings under CRM -> Settings
  • Contacts can subscribe by choosing SMS on your signup forms or by texting the word: Subscribe to your number

Sending Email / SMS Messages 

  1. Start by going to your contact list by hovering on CRM and choosing Contacts
  2. To send to a single contact simply click on their name and choose the send buttons.
  3. To send to multiple click the "Create Message"
  4. On the next screen choose a Contact List ( Email for an Email, SMS for SMS, or the (Email or SMS) list for a priority sending mode with fallback
  5. Choose a Message Template or "Blank"
  6. The next screens will allow you to choose your message type.

Message Sending Options and Details

  • Email: Emails are from one of our email addresses to improve deliverability, but the Name shows as your name, and the reply-to email is your address. All replies are automatically sent back to you.
  • SMS ( Plain text or text with links ): Charged per message part, each part is 140 characters. To reduce costs keep your messages short
  • MMS ( an SMS that contains one or more pictures ):  an MMS costs more than an SMS (currently 3X the cost), but has a very high character count. If your message is more than 420 characters, it will be cheaper to attach an image and send as MMS.
  • Advanced Message: This is a special feature we've created to reduce costs and increase the potential for sms marketing. An Advanced message is designed in two parts - the basic text message and also the "web view". We automatically insert a custom link at the end of your text message so your recipients can view a personalized webpage with the web view portion of your message.  To take full advantage of this feature, keep your SMS message short, and the main body in the webview. eg: " Hi Dan, I'm so excited to tell you about this months promotions, follow the link for more details".
  • SMS Priority: This is available when you've selected an Advanced Message type.Of the contacts selected we will send SMS / MMS to contacts with a phone number, and an email to the rest. Email recipients will only receive the "web view" portion of the message as a standard email.
  • Email Priority: This is available when you've chosen an Advanced Message. We will send the webview portion of the message as an email to anyone with a valid email, and an SMS with the a link to the webview portion of the message to anyone else.

Message Builder

You can choose a template when sending a message to get a head start on your email design. If you start from scratch click "add row" to get started. A typical email message might be the following:  banner image, wide text,  Column Image/ Text, Wide Text, Button

Message Templates

If you have have a certain message that you'd like to save and send out later, a template could be perfect for you. Templates are used for single messages.

To use an already created template:

  1. Select an individual contact or multiple contacts as described  above
  2. Click to Send the Message Choose an available Template or "blank" for an empty screen.
  3. Modify the message contents if you like
  4. Send or schedule the message

To create a new template or edit a previous template

  1. Under the CRM menu click "Templates"
  2. Click "Add New" or click on a previous template to modify it
  3. Create/ modify your message (make sure to use merge tags as described in video 3)
  4. Click "Publish" or "Update" in the upper right hand corner
  5. This template will now be available when sending new single or bulk messages

Autoseries (Drip Campaigns)

An Autoseries is a set of messages that once started will send out automatically on a schedule. Your site will come with pre-created autoseries that you can modify, or you can create your own.

Important Concepts / Vocab

  • To View Autoseries: hover on CRM and choose Autoseries. Click on a series then either view the messages in the editor or click "preview". The preview screen will show you all the message in the series
  • Webview/ SMS section of a message Each message in the autoseries is designed with an Email/ Webview portion and an SMS portion of the message. When you go to send an Autoseries if you choose Email, your recipients will receive the email portion of the message. If you choose "SMS" they will receive the SMS message with a link to view the Webview portion of the message
  • Delay and Schedule: Each message has a delay. The first message should typically have a delay of 0 days so that it is sent immediately. Autoseries are subject to the schedule  you have set under CRM -> Settings. By default weekends are excluded. When you send an autoseries it can also have the first message scheduled. For example you may want to schedule the first message for an optimal time like Tuesday at 10am.   Your sites timezone is set under Settings -> General
  • Public / Private:  Public Autoseries will show to visitors to your site when viewing an email signup form. Private series are only available to send by you when logged into your site
  • Sending: To send to a single contact, go to your contact list and click on their name, then choose send autoseries. To bulk send to a group of your contacts follow the instruction under the bulk send section - each contact can only receive an autoseries one time. 

Sending an Autoseries:

  1. Start by going to your contact list by hovering on CRM and choosing Contacts
  2. To send to a single contact simply click on their name and choose the send buttons.
  3. To send to multiple click the "Send Autoseries" button above the contact list
  4. On the next page choose a contact list ( Email for an Email or the (Email or SMS) list for a priority sending mode with fallback
  5. On the next screen Choose "Email" for an email only message, or choose "Advanced Messaging" for SMS. If you choose "Advanced Messaging", choose the SMS or SMS priority sending modes
  6. Advanced SMS messages consist of two parts. The actual SMS message, and the "web view" portion which is visible via an automatically included link. This allows you to include a lot of nicely laid out information but sent via text. Learn More about Advanced Messages, and Sending Priorities
  7. Preview, Schedule / Send 
  8. Autoseries sending times are constrained to the schedule that is set under CRM-> Settings. This helps ensure that automated email and sms are not sent in the middle of the night

Creating a New Autoseries

  1. Under CRM -> Autoseries click Add New
  2. Give your autoseries a title. Shorter is better, the series title will be shown publicly once your series is published
  3. Click Add Scheduled Task at the bottom for your first message
  4. Then click to edit the Message. When designing an autoseries keep in mind that it may be sent via email or as an advanced message. (you'll choose when sending the message).  When sending an email only the Email portion is sent. However, our Advanced message options are a unique (and awesome ) feature.  An Advanced message is designed in two parts - the basic text message sent via sms and also the "web view".  A link to the webview is automatically included in any SMS message.   Design your Email/ Webview to be a standard message... and design your sms message as a short introduction to the webview portion of the message. eg:  "Hi Dan, I'm so excited to tell you about this months promotions, follow the link for more details".
  5. On the first message you'll typically set the message delay as 0 days. Subsequent messages can utilize whatever delay you want. It could be a weekly onboarding series, or a 6 month check in.
  6. Create additional messages as needed
  7. Use reminders to notify yourself. For example at the end of a series you could add a reminder
  8. Publish Publicly or privately.... public series will show on your public signup forms. Private series can only be sent by you


We track a variety of activity related to a contacts opens and clicks inside emails. There is less data available for interactions with SMS. You can view an individuals activity by clicking on their name in the contact list and then clicking on "recent activity".

You can view whole site level data by hover on CRM -> Reports and clicking on the Activity tab. From there you filter by many valuable pieces of data

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