Creating Your Website

Setting up your website is as easy as filling out a form

  1. Choose a membership level | Health Coaches
  2. After checkout, create your site here
    1. The information in this form will be used to populate your website. Some of it is required, and some is optional. All of it can be changed later, so do your best, but don't worry!
    2. Choosing your site URL: by default your site url will be where you get to customize the first part. Keep it short, lower case letters and numbers only. You may use the - symbol.
    3. Custom domains - If your membership level allows a custom domain, you'll set that up after your site is created
    4. site creation can take a few minutes
  3. After your site is created you'll be shown your login information, and we'll send it by email as well. 
  4. We have a lot of features, and want your life to be easy. Checkout the getting started tutorial for your membership.

P.S. If you forget your site address, don't worry. Simply login from our homepage and click on the site dashboard links.

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