Selling - no packages

If you don't use packages for your business and prefer not to list package details on your website here are some basic things to update.

  1. Go to your site dashboard under Pages look for "pricing" which may be under pages set as "draft"
  2. Up date the introduction text and describe what your packages include. Consider including your price range, or how you determine pricing for your clients.
  3. Click on the pricing table on the block menu (upper left of pricing table) click the 3 dots, and choose to remove the block.
  4. Consider adding a call to action button for people to contact you.
    1. Click where you want the button to go.
    2. Hit Enter
    3. type the forward slash character: / 
    4. this will bring up the block inserter. Search the options or type button.. then click on it
    5. This will insert a button. Update the button text to say "Contact Me" or "Let's Chat"....
    6. Click the paperclip icon to insert a link. type "contact" and choose your contact page, then hit enter.

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