WooCommerce Initial Setup

WooCommerce is a powerful ecommerce platform that allows selling products and services. If you want to collect payments on your website this is how we'll do it.

Enable the Plugin

  • From your site dashboard hover over settings and choose "Enable Features". Turn on WooCommerce / any of the other integrations like "bookings" that you want to turn on.
  • Your admin menu will now have a WooCommerce menu item. Start by clicking on WooCommerce -> Settings. Go through the setup guide. 
  • Go to WooCommerce -> Settings and go through the tabs to review and update information

General Tab

  • Make sure your address is correct
  • click the "enable the use of coupons" checkbox if you would like to sell multi-session packages
  • Current Option - should reflect your country

Products Tab

  • Typically I recommend turning off the product review options


  • Check your local sales tax laws, but in general coaching services are not subject to sales tax
  • Physical products and some services may be subject to tax. Unless you're doing a decent amount of sales you'll only be subject to sales tax withholdings when selling to customers in your same physical "nexus". Check with an accountant or tax lawyer if you have questions.


  • Unless you're setting up to ship physical products, and want to charge shipping fees, skip  this.


  • Paypal is an easy way to collect online payments from customers. They will have the option to pay via Credit Card or a Paypal account. A PayPal account is not required.  The only REQUIRED field is the receiver email, but  setting up the PayPa identity token is a good idea. Hover on the questionmark next to the field for help on getting it. If you were going to only setup one method, just use Paypal.
  • Stripe - stripe is a super easy and clean way to collect credit cards right on your website. Setup an account at Stripe.com
  • Check/ Cash - this option will allow people to checkout on your website without actually submitting a payment. 
  • Turn off all the other options you're not going to use. 


  • Allow customers to login to accounts ( check this option)
  • Typically I don't recommend guest checkout
  • Allow customers to create an account during checkout ( check this option)


  • "Order Complete" - Later in this tutorial, when setting up your products I'm going to tell you to mark your products as "virtual". What that means is that as soon as your customers pay, their order will be marked as complete. The "Order Complete" email will be the one they get right after checkout confirming their order.  Customize this email.   If you're selling non virtual products, your customer will get the "processing" email first, then "order complete" email after you ship the product.
  • Customize the colors at the bottom of this page, or click the Kadence Email customizer link to setup a nice looking template

Smart Coupons 

  • Some of the tutorial instruct you to setup store credit coupons. You may not need these settings, but I recommend setting them just in case.
  • Change the colors and coupon style if you want.
  • Coupon Emails - I recommend turning this off - they'll get the store credit  info in their order completed email anyway
  • Sell store credits at less price - turn this option on - this will enable you to sell your packages at discounted rates compared to individual sessions.

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